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Award of Post-Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture - July 2018


After much hard work and juggling of work commitments, Alexandra was awarded a Post-Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture, with Merit, from the University of Gloucestershire. The next stage is to undertake a Masters dissertation investigating Atmospheres. 

Landscape Architecture Post-Graduate Diploma - September 2016


Having completed the Conversion year of the MA in Landscape Architecture in June 2016, and in the process adding technical skills in AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup, InDesign and Illustrator to her repertoire, Alexandra Gray commenced the Post-Graduate Diploma course in September 2016, once again while continuing to engage with clients to create beautiful gardens. 

Landscape Architecture Course - September 2015


In September 2015 Alexandra started a conversion course to study Landscape Architecture at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham, in conjunction with the garden design business. The projects assigned were much larger scale than the average garden and a range of digital output, together with hand drawn work, was included in each submission.

Award Winner, Bath in Bloom 2015 - Best Communal Garden 

The Communal Garden at Ormonde House improves year on year and at the Bath in Bloom awards ceremony in September won Best Communal Garden as well as a Gold medal, with a large silver cup being handed to the resident representatives. This demonstrates the value of good maintenance in addition to strong design



Our garden open to public - 13/14 June 2015

Once again our garden at Brow Cottage was open to the public as part of Seend Open Gardens Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June. It is fun to chat to neighbours and garden enthusiasts and even pick up some tips - the first visitors were a coach load of 50 from the Dorset Hardy Plant Society. Among the many complimentary comments was one particularly imaginative one:

If you could buy a house where the garden was more important than the house, this would be it.

Involvement with Dan Pearson's Best in Show winning garden at Chelsea Flower Show – 15 May 2015


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on the planting of the Laurent Perrier Chatsworth Garden the Friday before the opening of Chelsea Flower Show courtesy of the Garden Museum, London. The garden won a Gold medal and Best in Show from the RHS.

The whole team were most welcoming and it gave me a practical insight into the care needed in dealing with each stem or leaf and path surface. I could also appreciate the amount of thought, work and skill that went into this remarkable garden as well as meet some of the top practitioners in their fields of design, planting, landscape construction, water management and stone. I found the  atmosphere across the show site very friendly and enjoyed meeting Kamelia Bin Zaal, UAE designer of The Beauty of Islam garden, which won a Silver-Gilt medal, during my wanderings.

Designer Dan Pearson, used the large and difficult "triangle" site, that can be seen from all sides, to create a naturalistic garden inspired by the Trout Stream at Chatsworth. Huge rocks discarded by Joseph Paxton in the creation of the 19th century Rockery were shipped from Derbyshire, along with acid-loving shrubs and even leaf mould used for top dressing the specially-grown wildflower turf. From all angles beautiful views, plants and details were visible. The garden will be returned to Chatsworth where Dan is going to redesign the whole Trout Stream area ready for opening in Spring 2016.



Bath in Bloom – September 2014

The Communal Garden was awarded a Gold Medal in the Bath in Bloom competition, one better than the Silver Medal awarded the previous year when deer had ravaged the planting just before judging.

Seend Open Gardens 15/16 June 2013

Our own garden – described by a visitor as Contemporary Cottage in style – was open to the public as part of Seend Open Gardens. Although both days began with rain, we had around 600 visitors! Here are some of the comments we received:

So unexpected, a little oasis - many thanks for letting us invade your lovely garden.

Just gorgeous, I love it – it’s definitely my sort of garden...

Lovely garden – so many interesting areas. Fab!

This garden is really cool!

– from an 8-year-old boy

It’s got soul – I can feel the aura.

It’s got a lovely atmosphere.

Wiltshire Life article February 2006

A garden for all seasons.

Lucinda Burgess meets a couple who have transformed their garden in Seend into a tapestry with year-round interest. There were many obstacles in their way, not least an old car and an embedded terracotta bath tub.